Poems about Saying I'm Sorry

No human being is perfect. We all make mistakes, yet it is so hard to admit that we are wrong. A famous line from the book Love Story by Eric Segal states that "Love means never having to say you're sorry". This may sound romantic but it is a really bad line to live by. Apologies are necessary in every relationship. Apologies are the building block of relationships. If a family has any hope of staying together, there will be frequent and sincere apologies.

Apology Poems

Im Sorry

I'm Sorry Poems

3/2/2014 , Rating: 4.4 , Votes: 15
By Mimszy

You hear about the people being bullied all the time but not normally the bullies themselves. I have been mean and I have hurt others, most of us have. But I have also had others be mean to me and hurt me. From those experiences I know how hard ..........

  • Votes: 156,  Rating: 4.34 , 12 Stories , By Nick Grasso
    Every little thing that you do
    makes me fall in love with you
    why I did the things that I did
    made me feel like a silly kid

    Why did we always used to fight
    I just wanted to make things ..........

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  • Votes: 40,  Rating: 4.33 , By Mark
    (Note) - I'm taking my girlfriends name out of the poem for privacy. It will be replaced with (Hun).

    I'm Sorry -

    Hey hun. I have a few things I need to say to you.
    I know what I've done. And ..........

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  • Votes: 51,  Rating: 4.2 , By Brittney Marie Eckert Murphy
    Do not love me yet, for I
    Am still a teenager,
    A scimitar about the heart
    Too sharp to touch too soon.
    Before I'm touched I need to grow
    More full in golden light;
    I need to smile upon my ..........

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  • Votes: 72,  Rating: 4.17 , 5 Stories , By Renee
    How do you know it's over,
    when your heart can't take anymore?
    How do you know when they don't care,
    and just walk out the door?
    What if she acts like nothing ever happened,
    like the ..........

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  • Votes: 122,  Rating: 4.12 , 1 Story , By Vick
    I have known a million people
    But never like you
    Many of my friends are special
    But I still don't have a clue
    How you got to be so wonderful
    The worlds most perfect friend
    You've always loved ..........

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  • Votes: 69,  Rating: 3.71 , 1 Story , By Nahyan Shariff
    I broke your heart,
    Once too many times.
    Made out with girls,
    Though I never meant it,
    You hate me for it,
    But I'm not blaming you for it.
    Said I love you,
    But never showed that I ..........

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