Poems about Growing Up

Every family has hopes and aspirations for their children. Some may long to send their children to college if the parents have not had that opportunity. Others may aspire for a better life in another country. Sometimes there are conflicts between the dreams of the parents and the dreams of their children. Parents may have labored so that their children could have what they consider a better life only to have their children choose other options. This can be heartbreaking for the parents who may think that they have labored in vain, and stressful for the children who have their own dream to live out.

Growing Up

Growing Up Poems

3/29/2011 , Rating: 4.51 , Votes: 51
By Nipun Arora

They said adaptation is the key to survive. Maybe I took this line way too seriously as I grew up and started living as fake. People are drawn to happiness. So always be happy to always have friends. But conjuring up this perpetually fake and happy ..........

  • Votes: 64,  Rating: 4.31 , By Meghan Magallanez
    Which life shall I follow?
    What path should I take?
    Should I go left or right?
    And make the same mistakes.
    Like I've done in the past.
    Or should I move far away and start over again?
    Because ..........

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  • Votes: 45,  Rating: 4.31 , 1 Story , By Elizabeth Virgen
    I just wanna know
    If you're proud of me
    I want you to see
    What's inside me
    What I hold inside
    All the pain I go through
    And You don't have a clue
    Of what I do
    You think I'm okay
    But ..........

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  • Votes: 81,  Rating: 4.3 , 1 Story , By Kaleigh Greenfield
    I am growing up, daddy
    Don't you see?
    you gotta let me go
    let me spread my wings
    I am growing up, Daddy
    Don't you see?
    Gonna Explore the world, Daddy
    Gonna be seen
    Let me go, Daddy
    I will ..........

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  • Votes: 99,  Rating: 4.29 , 3 Stories , By Emmi Hayes
    I am the girl
    Standing in the rain
    Wishing they understood

    I am the teen
    Who thinks she knows it all
    And wishing that she could

    I am the cutter
    With the blade at my skin
    Wishing the pain ..........

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  • Votes: 72,  Rating: 4.25 , By Maysie Stott Morrison
    I'm getting older now,
    No longer a child,
    Not yet an adult,
    But a girl trying to carve a path for herself

    I'm learning to make my own choices,
    Molding a future with my bare hands,
    Learning ..........

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  • Votes: 77,  Rating: 4.23 , By Vidajo Vanorder
    You make me feel empty
    You make me feel sad
    You make me feel like I have lost everything I had

    Now all I do is lay here and cry
    I even sometimes wish I could just lay down and die

    I'm sick ..........

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  • Votes: 100,  Rating: 4.19 , By Maddison-Sheree
    I'm going through a hard time.
    I sit in my room most of time.
    I throw things around.
    Just to calm me down.

    I thought one day everything was going to be okay.
    But I'm still waiting for that ..........

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  • Votes: 45,  Rating: 4.11 , 1 Story , By Katilyn
    See me cry
    See the truth behind the lies
    See me smile, See me laugh
    See the flashbacks of my past
    See my bad habits come to an end
    See me leave footprints in the snow
    See me wave hello and ..........

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  • Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.04 , By Sunali
    Y does everything feel so wrong when I know there's nothing wrong
    Y do I feel so confused when I know that life's all about confusion
    Y do I always want to be happy like the other kids even though ..........

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