Poems about Grandparents

A grandparents job is not easy. Grandchildren count on their grandparents to love them unconditionally to a degree that their parents may not be able to. Grandchildren expect their grandparents to listen, really listen, without judging right or wrong. It is often assumed that grandparents have no life of your own, and that they only exist to be called on when they are needed. This of course is not true. At the same time grandparents should not miss the opportunity that they have been given, a chance for a relationship with the next generation.

Grandmother Poems and Grandfather Poems

  • Votes: 31,  Rating: 4.45 , By Glycerinne Tennan
    I loved your bright blue eyes,
    Now I cannot see them.

    I loved your beautiful voice,
    Now it's cracked and hoarse.

    I loved the warmth you radiated,
    Now I feel your ..........

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  • Votes: 245,  Rating: 4.44 , 7 Stories , By Courtney Sauve
    I am just eleven,
    And already you are gone to heaven.

    The smiles, the laughter,
    I'll remember forever.

    We would spend days in your rocking chair,
    With your fingers going through my ..........

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  • Votes: 17,  Rating: 4.24 , By Pondra C. Tuten
    Granddaddy, granddaddy
    You are the best,
    I love you with mind and spirit
    And all the rest.

    I heard you had cancer
    That's what mom told me,
    Just trust in the lord
    And get your surgery.

    For ..........

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  • Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.19 , 1 Story , By Caitlin Robertson
    You may be gone, but know this;
    Where-ever you are, your spirit still lives with us,
    Where-ever you are, your memories still live with us,
    Where-ever you are, your heart is still tied to ..........

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  • Votes: 65,  Rating: 3.46 , By Bridget Brown
    Her smile
    Her laugh
    Are full and rich

    Her voice
    Her touch
    Are soothing and gentle

    Her thought
    Her feelings
    Mean everything

    When I've got nobody

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  • Votes: 48,  Rating: 3.42 , By Sarah L. Cornwell
    Grandma always had her hair pulled back with a clip.
    Grandma wore Vanilla Field perfume. It made me happy.
    The few memories I have seem to fade as I get older.
    But those few memories I retain are ..........

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  • Votes: 9,  Rating: 3.11 , By Jackie
    There was once a horse named Cracker Jack,
    and he had a little girl sitting on his back.
    Her grandpa walked along her side,
    holding the reins tight the entire ride.

    They were on vacation in ..........

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