Poems for Birthdays

  • Votes: 125,  Rating: 4.23 , By Valerie Radcliffe
    How lucky am I
    To have you by my side
    Your love shines through
    In all that you do

    So much you have said
    So much I have heard
    So much you have taught
    So much I have learned

    I know that we ..........

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  • Votes: 20,  Rating: 3.4 , By Lilly L
    Dear Sweetpea,

    Life is going fast, right before your eyes,
    make it last, make it alright.
    Frowns, smiles, laughs, cries,
    Baby, this is just the beginning of the ride.

    I'm here with you, just ..........

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  • Votes: 43,  Rating: 3.26 , By Vicki
    For my sister, on her birthday.
    You have only been here for four years,
    Yet you are my best friend
    You make me laugh and smile
    And for that I am grateful.
    You are always there for me
    Even ..........

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