Cancer Poem

My name is Hannah. I wrote this poem about my grandmother, who passed away 6 months after being diagnosed with cancer. She was my rock. I hope she is proud of me!!! R.I.P Nenaw :)!!!!!! You will always walk beside me...

You, I Will Not Forget

© Hannah Smallwood
We haven't seen each other in a while
But when I think of our memories I still smile

You told me you had cancer like it was nothing at all
I cried my eyes out and hit a wall

I didn't want you to go through that alone
And I hid my emotions not letting them be shown

I tried to help but didn't know what to do
But every single day I said that I loved you

I wanted you to smile every single day
And I wouldn't let cancer get in your way

I did my best and always prayed
I asked myself why you were taken away

Now your a beautiful angel watching over me
I'm going to make you proud just wait and see


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Published: 6/19/2013
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