Thank You Poem

Thank You Cousin Poem

I was in a complete downward spiral in my life and then my cousin Jaimee reached out a hand and helped me start on my way back.

You And Your Words Saved Me

© Juli Masters
I sit here thinking, why me
Why did I have to be the one
To feel all this hurt
And it never be done

Then the one person
I expect least
Talks to me and listens
So that my secrets are released

No longer bottled up inside
For no one to know but me
I love you Jaimee
And your generosity

You listened when no one else would
And promised you would not tell
You told how you related to me
And understood why I yell

You said you want me to be happy
And stop writing only sad
So here's to you for helping me
Not to feel so bad

Little did you know
I was slowly dying inside
Sometimes I even cut
Then when people asked, I lied

You're the only one who knows
All of what I've been through
And I love you for caring
Enough to help me like you do

You and your words
Saved my life
And know because of you
I can throw away that knife

This may not seem the happiest
Of poems that you've read
But trust me it is happy
And not full of pure dread

I can finally see the light side
And the happiness it brings
All because you spoke to me
And caressed me with your angel wings


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Published: Sep 2011
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1 Stories on "You And Your Words Saved Me"
  1. Michelle, San Angelo,Tx Submitted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    I've been in love so many times that my heart keeps breaking and sometimes I just wanna not even try to look for the right guy to be in my life...

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