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Love Poem For When Your Love Leaves

Hello I'm Freya, I'm 13 years old and love to write poetry I write when I'm feeling emotional about something because it helps me to cope with whatever has happened. I wrote this when the boy I fell in love with moved to Australia. I was heart broken so decided to write this. I hope you like it and understand it. and I hope that it will help you as much as it helped me! :D


© Freya
If you were a blade of grass
I would explore the earth for you.
If you were a tree
I would seek out every leaf until I found you.
If you were a flame
I would fly to the sun for you.
If you were a drop of water
I would scour the sea for you.
But if you were a star
I would never search for I would always see you,
because you are the brightest star to me

my dear love.


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Published: Jan 2009
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2 Stories on "You"
  1. Sreyja, Ashford Submitted on Saturday, February 06, 2010

    Hey, this poem was amazing you really do have talent. I was looking on this website for inspiration for my own poem because I can't seem to get words out myself. So I thought of looking for inspiration. I'm writing a poem to my fiancÚ and I didn't know how to start it or structure it, this has really helped me know what kind of thing to write.

    thank you XD

  2. Salli, Australia Submitted on Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Wow Freya. You have amazing talent! This is really great! You should look into maybe a job of some sort for when you are older. This is very well written. Great job!

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