Bullying Poem

I got bullied and he called me bad names

Why Bully?

© Hannah Rancourt
You kick, you punch, you laugh, and you talk.
I'm hearing you call me a whore as I walk.
What did I do to deserve this sexual harassment.

I hear you call me a whore again and then you laugh and hit me.
I'm crying inside but on the outside I'm being strong and brave.
I see you want to crave my tears but no sir, you will not have them this time.

I tell the principal, but he does not believe me.
You think that everything is a joke but it's a crime.
I start walking to class
You see me and smile and you call me a slut.

Now you see my tears.
You get what you wanted all along.
I start to fall and some people wonder what's wrong.

I get up and keep my head high and stay strong.
I hear you call me hoe and push me hard that I stumble.
You don't understand that what you call me, you are too.

There are more tears streaming down my face as I say ''Leave me alone'' and walk away.


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Published: Mar 2012
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