Feelings Poem

This poem is dedicated to all the teenagers out there who feel they have no idea who they really are. Don't worry, I feel I am going through that myself. It will all make sense after you've come out of the teen years. You mean a lot and have the ability to fulfill masses in your life!

Who Am I?

© Robynn Cole
I'm tired of being told to grow up,
When they know that I'm able
I'm sick of being called 'Punk',
Because that is being labelled

I don't know what to become,
I can't work hard at school
When I make a mistake or trip up,
Kids simply yell at me "FOOL!"

I try to find an answer,
Each and every other day
I really am in the need of help,
And I put myself in shame

It's frustrating not knowing ME,
For myself I'm a little shy
I need to figure this one out,
But tell me, who am I?


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Published: Oct 2009
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