Heartbreak Poem

The same old story. I trusted the wrong guy with the wrong things. At the end he left me heartbroken and then I saw all the things he has done to me.

What You Left Me With

© Jenna Lipsitz
I trusted you with my secret,
I trusted you with my body,
I trusted you with my innocence,
I trusted you with my heart and
I trusted you with my trust.

You proved me wrong.

You gave my secret away,
You took advantage of my body,
You murdered my innocence,
You broke my heart and
You tore up my trust.

I thought I had nothing left.

Depression is all I know,
The razor is my only friend,
Music is my peacemaker,
Tears stain my cheeks and
Emptiness is all I feel.

But I'm only 16.


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Published: Feb 2012
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2 Stories on "What You Left Me With"
  1. Kelsey, Pennsville Submitted on Friday, February 24, 2012

    I loved this guy and trusted him. he told everyone in the school I scratched up his back and that I'm pregnant with his kid. I'm not pregnant and I am so hurt.

  2. Jenna, New York Submitted on Monday, March 05, 2012

    I wrote this poem, I'm sorry to hear that Kelsey. People don't understand how rumors could really hurt someone. Just keep your head high and don't let them win this (: good luck

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