Death Poem

Even Though We're Far Apart

my sister was born on the 30th of June 1993 and passed away 3rd of may 2010. I am only 12 years old so enjoy

Even Though We're Far Apart

© Nicole Wood
even though
we're far apart
I always have you in my heart
to here
to now
till that day
I loved you so why did you fly away

god said she was ready
I disagree
god took her in his hand
and said to me

she is needed up here
she won't be far
when you hear her name
you may not laugh

then he went up to heaven and
off she went
even though she is happy
my heart got bent

she watches me as I cry
she watches me when I succeed
everyday I wonder why
why my sister had to die

but then I'm told
she is now free
to live her life
in eternity

she has her life
ahead of her
but even though she's gone
I can finally breathe firm

it was wonderful friendship between her and I
remembering it now makes me cry
you think of her sorrow you think
of her pain

now just remember she is healthy again
he took her away to a better place you hurt my sister
I hurt his face
R.I.P my sister siandra brooke perkins


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Published: Apr 2011
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1 Stories on "Even Though We're Far Apart"
  1. Natasha, Johannsburg Submitted on Thursday, September 15, 2011

    I lost my little sister in 2009. She was only 6 years old and she just had to go. Life isn't the same without her. The house is so quiet without her. She was supposed to start school the next year, and boy was I excited to see her in school uniform. It's so hard to live with that pain, but you know what, I'm going to one day at time....

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