Feelings Poem

Poem About Holding In Pain

This is dedicated to all the young people struggling to feel something other than emptiness or pain.

Wanting To Feel Something

© Joyce Alcantara
Have you ever held in pain to the point where it seemed like you didn't care?
You could've sworn you were crying,
But when you went to wipe tears away there was nothing there?
Going through life empty,
Just letting the world pass you by.
Numb to any feelings,
Just wishing you could die.
See I feel like this daily.
So lost I don't know what to feel.
When in fact I do feel pain, I can't believe that it's real.
So as I lay my head down tonight,
I close my eyes and pray.
I pray that God will give me guidance and to maybe feel someday.


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Published: Feb 2008
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3 Stories on "Wanting To Feel Something"
  1. Amber, US (Texas) Submitted on Friday, December 18, 2009

    Exactly, so I'm not alone. and this made me happy, and I felt it seems to resemble my own life. thank you.

  2. Liz, Penn State Submitted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    I feel exactly the same right now and have. I want to die but I can't die and leave my little sisters they mean so much to me we do so much together :)

    but I understand how and why your feeling

  3. Tinnaisha, Philadelphia Submitted on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    I felt this way before, to the point where I though I should just die so I wouldn't feel the pain any more but then I though it over, I have 8 brothers and sisters and I think they would like to see me alive and then I got too much to live for
    it's good to know I'm not alone☻☺♥

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