Confused about Love Poem

I met this guy in like 5th grade and he was one year older then me. For 7 years I had a crush on him. He would ACT like he liked me, by flirting with me everyday. But he would not actually ask me out. I know he likes me, I just wish he would admit it. Instead of confusing me and my heart.

True Feelings

© Ariel Shields
You make me feel so real
I lay awake at night thinking of you
I close my eyes and see
Only you
Do you realize what you do to me?
Why can you not understand me?
I know you like me, but why baby why
What should I do?
Listening to my heart, but it does not
know what to do
Listening to my head, but my head is too jumbled up
I like you, I do, and I need you,
But how long, tell me how long will it last?
Will we ever be friends when it is all over?
I never know when you pretend, do you
Really like me?
When it is over, will we still be forever?
Or never be close ever?


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Published: Aug 2013
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2 Stories on "True Feelings"
  1. Mackenzie Submitted on Saturday, March 22, 2014

    I have known this guy almost my entire life. He has been my greatest friend through all I've been through. I have almost all my classes with him, and he sits next to me in every one of them. He flirts with me all the time, ---- pretty much ever since I have been in middle school---- but he hasn't ever asked me out. I'm a gigantic mess, I'm all over the place. I know he likes me, and I wish he would just admit it instead of creating an emotional mess I call myself.

  2. Deja Submitted on Friday, July 11, 2014

    I'm a 12 year old Lesbian. My mom knows and she doesn't like it at all! She's always watching me when I hang out with the same gender! I tell her I can hang out with girls! I don't like every girl I see! So now I can't do anything! She's always yelling at me for no reason! I'm out of town right now...she wants me to call her but whenever I do she just criticizes me about every little thing! She just can't get over it! So now I don't talk to her. I live with her but I'm done associating with her!! She makes me feel bad for no reason and sometimes I go into terrible depression because she just yells at me and makes me feel bad about myself…

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