Poem about Teen Life

This poem was written during a very rough period in my life. I'm only 16 but my life has been hard since I was born. I was born with a disability called Erb's Palsy and I've taking care of my mom since I was 8. So I wrote all my frustrations and problems on paper.


© Glendian Robinson
Lost in the confusion of my mind
Looking for a way out
Held captive by my own fears and insecurities
Caught up in my emotions of love & lust, joy & pain

Ready to cry to the world and wonder if they understand my tears
Always keeping my head bowed too afraid to see my future
Afraid of the hurt & pain that awaits me
My heart is filled with rage & desire for someone I can't have

Biting my tongue for others because of the fear of being alone
Compromising for everyone else but getting nothing in return
Wondering why life is such a bitch but loving everything about it
The ups and downs; the tears and smiles

Praying that someone can love me for me
Regretting all the things that I've done in my past to bring pain to others
Lost with no way out
Thanking God for letting me see another day but ready to write My Suicide Note because of all the pain I've endured

Afraid to take off my mask because of the judgment that lies ahead
Lost in my own confusion
Someone rescue me before I drown


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Published: 10/15/2013
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4 Stories on "Trapped"
  1. Nydia Garcia, Tucson Arizona Submitted on Friday, January 10, 2014

    My teacher gave me a homework assignment, to look for a poem and bring it in the next day. Little did I know that the poem that I found was the most relative poem to my life as a freshman in high school. I was beyond impressed... I was Inspired to meet and talk to other people besides my best friends. I wanted to find someone who felt the same and maybe mash our problems together to get through them.

  2. R.S Mallari Submitted on Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    I am an introvert as a teen, probably still am. I just watched my crush from a distance and whenever she looked back at me I feel embarrassed. I dreamed of her almost every night but I just kept my feelings for her to myself. Afraid that I will be rejected. Years passed, I learned from a common friend that she had feelings for me also and a lot of times she's pissed when I won't talk to her. She waited for me to ask her out. College, we gone to separate schools... Love unfulfilled. :)

    I feel you Glendian.

  3. Amanda, Toxey, Al Submitted on Monday, March 17, 2014

    I feel the same way I'm 16 and I'm a freshman in high school. I go through the same things you through and I'm hurting it has been this way since I was born.

  4. Aleesha, Michigan Submitted on Friday, April 04, 2014

    Your poem is beautiful. In truth it's really sad, because even though we have different lives, this poem is exactly where I'm at. It's like growing up and seeing things you couldn't see as a child and I think that hurts worst, but . . idk.

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