Poem to Boyfriend

I have this wonderful boyfriend who deserved a good explanation of how I felt for him. It made him give me a kiss and a date out. :D

Too Much To Say... I Love You

© Ariangel
How I feel for you

All alone, yet again.
I want you to be with me,
But my hopes are thin.

I try to call,
I try to text,
But you won't answer at all,
What do I do next?

I want to be with you.
All alone.
In your arms,
By your side,
Hand in hand,
Walking along the tide.
I swear baby, you're all mine.

But why not text?
Am I a pest?
If I am, what next?

I gave you my heart,
I just hope you won't break it.
If you do I will fall apart.
I don't know if I could take it.

You make me smile
Please stay a while.
Cause your mine,
And mine is special.

ariangel :)


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Published: Jun 2012
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