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Poem About Figuring Out Who You Are

I have long struggled with what kind of person I am. People tell me I am such a nice guy, yet I have a very hateful and sometimes violent side to me that only a few have seen. Constantly, I am asking myself, "Where is the line between the two?" After seeing my reflection in the mirror, the idea came to me and this was written.

The Man In The Mirror

© Cristofer Rodriguez
Who is that man?
Staring back at me
Is he a part of my past?
Or who I am destined to be?

And this wretched soul
Who stands before my eyes
When I am hurt deeply
Is it him or me that cries?

Do we share each other's thoughts?
Are we one and the same?
And when I harm others
Which one of us is to blame?

Does he see me as well?
Does he know my soul?
Does he cry when he sees
It is nothing more than a black hole?

Reflection against a reflection
Like brother against brother
But which one is me?
And which one is the other?


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Published: Jul 2012
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