Break Up Poem

Although 14 I think I had my first love. This is a poem for all of you that had your first love and they just left you abandoned although you still miss them!!

Split In Two

© Jennifer
Everything happened so fast
I was in a daze

All I remember was
seeing my heart break

my life shattered
right in your hands

My dreams I had of us
flew away like a bird from its nest

All I have are memories
but not the real deal
I miss having you
only right here

This is when I knew
that when I gave my heart away
I would be condemned
with nothing to say

I know lay here
just like a doll
I know lay here
waiting to fall

Still bleeding out
from my last trip
I had a heart
which you just ripped

Let me out of my misery
oh baby please
cause I love you
and I know you still love me


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Published: Mar 2009
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