Love Poem

I wrote this poem one day whilst thinking about the past relationships I have been through. It got me thinking when I will find my soul mate, so I started to write a few lines in my notepad. Soon enough I had thought of a structure and spent my lunch time writing 'Soul Mate'.

Soul Mate

© Jacob Pagan
Inquisitive I view, the couples everywhere;
Peaceful and glee, as both lives are shared.
When will it be my turn, I start to ponder;
Deeper into thought I begin to wander.

Burning like wildfire, love will always spread;
The greatest of feelings, at least that's what I've read.
Giving everything I've got, I willingly dare;
So why am I empty, with no one to care?

As time trickles by, and my faith depletes;
I have to stand strong, resist conceding defeat.
I've heard of 'the soul mate', the one, the only;
Although hope is restored, I am still so lonely.

You're what I pray, before bed and meal;
That promised emotion, you'll grant me to feel.
Night after night, I know you are out there;
A bond like ours is most certainly rare.

As doubt as my enemy, I know I can beat;
Until the day we are destined to meet.
Eternally loyal, eternally true;
My tears will freeze, before I stop waiting for you.


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Published: 10/1/2013
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