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I wrote this because I love to sing, but somehow it never brings that special joy you think it will and then somehow when you don't believe in the joy that should come you lose your voice.. and nothing sounds beautiful anymore. and I'm at that stage now, wondering how to get out of this dark abyss of loneliness. don't you think that'd be grand?


© Brittany
sing until your heart gives out
that's what they all say
but what is left after that
if the music takes it all away?

if you sing until your lungs give out
what breath is left to tell anyone
just how you feel about them?
you're finished before you've even begun.

all I'm trying to say
is that when you sing
let the music take you high above the clouds
until you've forgotten everything.

music is equal to love
that's what they tell me
but what if you love someone greatly
and there is no way to sing them down onto one knee?

your heart will break
your lungs will start crying
for air and all you will know to say
is not to worry, you will still be flying.


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Published: Feb 2009
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2 Stories on "Sing"
  1. BJ Submitted on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    OMG. This poem is beautiful!! I love it

  2. OMG! Such and amazing poem! I love it!!! Make more!!!!

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