Death of Friend Poem

Hello there! This poem is about my friend who committed suicide this past year. She struggled with anorexia, anxiety, and depression.

She Paints A Pretty Picture

© Elise Corsmeier
She paints a pretty picture
But all of the ink has run red
This picture is of a bloody battle
That is going on inside her head

She paints a pretty picture
Of a girl in a dress and heels
The mirror shows a skeleton
But still she skips another meal

She paints a pretty picture
But nobody has seen it yet
It is of a shiny razor
That makes her sleeves red and wet

She paints a pretty picture
Of an angel in the sky
That didn't see the point of life
And now they all whisper "suicide"

Now I paint a pretty picture
It's all in black and white
Our memories and childhood dreams
Still I wonder why she took her life


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Published: 5/27/2013
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1 Stories on "She Paints A Pretty Picture"
  1. Suenssy, California Submitted on Sunday, April 06, 2014

    Hey just wanted to tell you my friend also committed suicide awhile back. She always seemed like a really happy girl so it was hard to believe when I was told but in the end that made me realize I also need help because I tried to commit suicide 5 times already. Of course I visit her grave and I wonder how different life would have been if she didn't jump in front of that train.

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