Death of Friend Poem

Hello there! This poem is about my friend who committed suicide this past year. She struggled with anorexia, anxiety, and depression.

She Paints A Pretty Picture

© Elise Corsmeier
She paints a pretty picture
But all of the ink has run red
This picture is of a bloody battle
That is going on inside her head

She paints a pretty picture
Of a girl in a dress and heels
The mirror shows a skeleton
But still she skips another meal

She paints a pretty picture
But nobody has seen it yet
It is of a shiny razor
That makes her sleeves red and wet

She paints a pretty picture
Of an angel in the sky
That didn't see the point of life
And now they all whisper "suicide"

Now I paint a pretty picture
It's all in black and white
Our memories and childhood dreams
Still I wonder why she took her life


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Published: May 2013
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2 Stories on "She Paints A Pretty Picture"
  1. Suenssy, California Submitted on Sunday, April 06, 2014

    Hey just wanted to tell you my friend also committed suicide awhile back. She always seemed like a really happy girl so it was hard to believe when I was told but in the end that made me realize I also need help because I tried to commit suicide 5 times already. Of course I visit her grave and I wonder how different life would have been if she didn't jump in front of that train.

  2. Raul Gonzalez M.Ed Submitted on Wednesday, April 09, 2014

    This past summer I visited some friends in a public residential who were selling everything because they were going to the United States. I sat in the living room and out of the dark came out a little boy who wanted me to play. I asked myself how can an older person play with a young child of about five. Nonetheless we played and every time I visited that young little happy boy would meet me to play, I had made a friend. I bought a clock from the a big clock which I enjoyed very much. I had later learned that my friend had gone and that I would see him no more. I later learned that this family was going to Florida at Saint to Jude's Children's hospital. My little friend had brain cancer and had little time to live. Well Saint Jude's sent him to Walt Disney and before he died spent the best days of his life. Me, I would have the clock I bought from his mother as I sob and cried after learning of his death. The clock would always remind me of my friend but also of the little time on this earth some wonderful children on this earth would have if an illness like cancer would strike their lives at such an early time in life. I will always remember that child who asked me to play coming out of the dark with such a great smile. May God bless Anthony forever he will be in my heart as I look into that clock....

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