Poem to Girlfriends

She Doesn't Know I Love Her Poem

This poem is actually for my loved one. She is my close friend. Still she doesn't know that I love her. Maybe she would recognize and appreciate the things I've done so that she could know that I love her. Her characteristics that taunts me the most about her is also mentioned. ENJOY!

Questions I Need To Ask You

© Jon Raven
How can I possibly resist you?
Just a stare, I'm already lost without a clue.
Who wouldn't be tempted with your angelic voice?
A sound like that can make everyone rejoice.

Are you not my soul mate?
Or just another one of my classmates?
Are you not a goddess?
By which leaves me tone deaf and speechless?

But who am I to judge you?
Yes, I'm just the type of guy who has nothing to do.
And yet still tempted
By the sound of the innocent.

How much longer will it take?
For you to finally appreciate
That these actions I do
Is a way of saying I LOVE YOU!


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Published: Feb 2011
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