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Sea Of Fakes

© Candice Horde
The Sea of Fakes
Just sitting in Mrs. Greer's room bored with life now-a-days
It seems like I'm just stumbling through life in a dark- clouded haze
As I look around the crush of my peers I begin to see
what trying to be sexy has led us to be
I wince as I behold skin-tight jeans and skirts
shirts so damn tight when they breath it probably hurts
its odd how the supposedly "real" people are wearing what everyone else is wearing,
saying what everyone else is saying
Oh your so perfect, you never make mistakes?
how come I can't pick you out of the crashing the sea of fakes?
now I cant say I'm the realest of the real
its just there's no mistaking that I say what I feel
when you see my face, there is no fake smile, no illusion
if I don't like you trust me there's no confusion
it would be ridiculous to say I've never slipped up and lied
or talked about someone behind there back
but the difference is I've learned and I try to make up for the things I lack
I'm learning now to be myself and do my thing
the fact that I will have to lose some best friends in the process
strikes my heart with a fatal sting
though its going to be harder than anything I've ever done before
I'm going to have to be firm in my decision to separate myself from the sea of fakes
because I've finally grasped the concept
that if I'm going to have a future in today's world this is what it takes
So now I'm telling you, take the time and ask your self something all these manikins didn't,
dare to be different?


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Published: Oct 2008
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