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I got pregnant at 15 and had my baby girl at 16. I was lost in a world I soon regretted entering. This is for her! Thank you baby

Baby Girl

© Rebecca
Big blue eyes and a beautiful smile
all the qualities to last the longest while
comforting laugh and a warm heart
so many blessings I don't know where to start.
small hands and such small feet
but my love for you no one could beat.
intelligence and beauty
two of two you got from me.
laughter from the angels, sparks from the fire
you're my beautiful blessing that I love and admire.
simplicity and happiness I hope come your way
for I found both on your special birthday
my loving sweet baby girl
for you my love is more than all that in the world.
walk strong and tall with all your grace.
find happiness and strength along your way
my little girl I love you dear
be happy, graceful, and lively through all your years.
to my baby girl you are my hero--love mommy!!


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Published: Jun 2012
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1 Stories on "Baby Girl"
  1. Sri Priyanka Nandhakumar,Bangalore Submitted on Thursday, August 01, 2013

    This poem was really touching. I love my dad, he is my hero and my role model. I would like to share the love between me and my father. Every daughter is special and every dad is precious in every family. I love my dad.

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