Dad Poem

Poem To Dad In Jail

When I was five, my Dad went to jail. I'm thirteen now, and he's still there. This is a poem about it.

Dad I Miss You

© Peter
Dad I miss you
You don't know what I've been through
Not being raised with a Dad
You've made me always be mad
Every time I talk about you
Tears come to her eyes
Yeah, you know who I'm talking about
When you told her all those lies

But no
Not me anymore, Dad
I've finally been happy instead of always being mad
'Cause I put all those bad memories behind me
I've taught myself to see the sun shining
But that's not all the time, see
Whenever I'm feeling down
You always come back to me
So that's when I write the rhymes
To get my head of all the cloudy times
This has turned into a story
When you left and I was five
When I was more mature, it just tore me
But now I'm done with this story
Now I'm back hearing you saying sorry
I miss you Dad


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Published: Dec 2011
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