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Poem On Staying Strong For Father In Hospital

I have been through a lot in my life. This is a poem about when I was at my worst. My father, who is my rock, got into a horrific car crash, and the week I had finals. This poems describes how I felt and what I experienced those long two weeks, having to be strong for those I loved.


© Emily Fontenot
I sit at the edge of your hospital bed
fighting back tears
subconsciously watching urine drip into a bag
At the foot you your bed

I know that if I let even a single tear flow
I will never be able to stop
I manage to remain composed
At least until the water of the shower hits me
Then I burst into tears praying, begging for this to be a dream
I cry myself to sleep

I return to the hospital
Forcing myself to remain composed
If I cry now your mother will begin crying more
and your friend will feel even more guilty
I force myself to stay composed
But I desperately want to collapse in to someone's arms
but I must be strong


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Published: Dec 2012
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