Grandparent Poem

Poem About The Death Of A Grandmother

This poem is about my grandmother who died in a hospital and how I recall everything she was to me.


© Glycerinne Tennan
I loved your bright blue eyes,
Now I cannot see them.

I loved your beautiful voice,
Now it's cracked and hoarse.

I loved the warmth you radiated,
Now I feel your warmth drain away.

I loved the energetic spirit.
Now, still, you lay

I loved your sincere smile,
Now it is a feeble attempt to say, "I'm fine."

I loved how you said you'd be there forever,
Now I hate these cold machines.

You were the sun in my gloom,
The permanent darkness has taken over now.
You left us all, with help from them,
The spider-like ghosts
That float away in white coats,
Ashamed of their work,
Yet proud that the deed is done.

Sobbing and broken, we stand and watch.
As they switch off the machines,
As they remove the dripping needles,
As they check the heart they know has stopped,
As they tell us all
You're gone forever.



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Published: Jan 2012
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