Relationship Poem

I wrote this poem about a boy that I really like. He's not ready for a relationship because he's sort of a "flirt" and he liked to hang out with his friends that are girls without me getting mad. He told me plenty of times he likes me but I'm just so confused about the whole situation. If only he knew how much I really like him. If only he knew...

Patience Is All I Need

With each passing day, the love I have for you gets stronger.
I wish I had the patience to wait a little longer.
You are "attempting" to make a commitment,
But it seems like you're having some trouble,
You are starting to confuse me,
To the point that I'm seeing double.
I see the boy that wants more,
I also see the boy that doesn't know what he's looking for.
Am I supposed to wait?
Or am I supposed to forget?
The way I feel for you is making me fret.
When your lips touched mine, my heart was beating really fast.
From that moment on, I knew I wanted this to last.
When I look into your eyes, it's hard not to stare,
For the fear of that exact moment I look away,
You might stop being there.
You are just too amazing to let go,
Not even this pathetic poem can explain how so...


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Published: Feb 2011
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