Relationship Poem

I decided to go out with a guy at my school and we clicked immediately. The second I told him I loved him, though, he started abusing me and we're still together today. As much as I despise the things he does, I'm still crazy in love with him.

Our Typical Day

© Elisabeth D.
Everyone comments on how much weíre in love,
But theyíve been caught up in their own issues these past months,
To notice all the insults heís thrown at me,
Or how much Iíve cried,

Everything changed that very single day,
When I told him I loved him, and he stared me in the eyes,
And told me he loved me too, but what I didnít know,
Is that my love was the beginning to his hate,

Out in public, he brags about me to all his friends,
And we walk hand in hand whenever someone is watching,
When he thinks my friends are looking, he wraps his arm around me,
And smiles before he kisses me,

But when weíre alone, he hurls words that pierce my heart,
Everyday he tells me that Iím impossible,
Unbearable, horrible, and no one should care about me,
And he says he loves me, but Iím not blind; I can see the hate,

Heís never happy, no matter what I do for him,
He says Iím a failure and Iím holding others back,
Iím crazy and a screw up and will never be good enough,
The screaming hasnít ended, and yet it startles me every time,

And when I thought the words hurt badly enough,
I started feeling the back of his hand across my face,
And every time I see him now,
He darkens my skin with deep, purple welts,

This very second Iím waiting for him to get home,
The yelling will begin as I cry and apologize,
And heíll give me another black eye Iíll try to cover up,
Because thatís our typical day, no matter what I say.


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Published: Mar 2011
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