Dream Poem

I dedicate this poem to my sisters Grace, Kelsey, Khrystal, and Ericka. I love you and miss you so much and thought you should know.

Not So Sweet Sixteen

© Vidajo Vanorder
Today is the day I turn sixteen
Just another day where all I do is weep
Most tears I cry are over you
Cause I can't picture living my life without you

Even though it's been almost five years since I last saw your faces
This nightmare won't go away even when I awaken

I begin to think this nightmare will go on and on forever
And that this painful life is something I just can't learn to treasure

My love for the four of you will always be
And I will never give in until my life pays it's fee

So I beg of you please
Don't give up on me
Cause I won't give up on the four of which I often dream


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Published: May 2008
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