Crying Poem

No Longer Scared Of Being Misunderstood

At this point in my life I figured out I can't be what every one wants. And for that reason I am not liked very much and people don't give me chances. It hurts...a lot. No one gets who I am. I've gone through a lot and just want some one to get ''me''


© Summer
I know I am different because I found myself
you dislike me because I am not like every one else.
I cry so hard because that's who I am
I heard your opinions and I don't give a dang
my world used to revolve around what you all wanted
you get angry with out my ''faults'' being confronted
I wish you could see yourself from the way I do
you will never get me, I'll never be like you
this smile can only last so long, till it shakes with my tears
I was scared of being misunderstood but that's no longer a fear
because that's what I am..


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Published: Jun 2012
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1 Stories on "Misunderstood"
  1. Genesis Submitted on Saturday, November 09, 2013

    No, that's not true. Look every body is different and those people are so stupid and blind. I mean you don't have to act like a Jack to fit in with people. I think you have a gift and that your unique. I bet you my last dollar that their just jealous that they aren't like you and they can't figure you out. Please, don't give up, keep hanging on. I know you are strong enough to do this. I'm a twelve year old girl but I honestly believe that what I say is true. God is gonna meet you half way and all you have to do is hang on. Life is going to get better.

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