Sister Poem

Poem For A Little Sister

This is dedicated to my little sister that I love with all my heart!!!

No Longer A Blister

© Kathy
We argue at times but basically
I'm like skin and you can be a painful blister
but hey what can I say we're two sisters
your like no other person I've met
but yet
I understand you
and you understand me
but we're also family
we have a special bond
this is meant to be short not long
as I am ending this
you're next to me smiling
you're no longer a blister
I'm not going to pick at you any more..
I love you sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Published: Oct 2009
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1 Stories on "No Longer A Blister"
  1. Alisha D. Submitted on Saturday, January 14, 2012

    We argue about the stupidest things
    I tell you my story and you tell me yours
    we don't like the same things
    you share your feelings and I share mine
    yes I may say that I hate you sometimes
    but at the end of the day you are always there
    for me when I really need it
    we stick together like glue and never separate
    I will always and forever love you my sister

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