Falling in Love Poem

This started off as an English assignment. My teacher told the class to write a poem about a very important person/thing or time we experienced. So I made it a little bit of both; this poem is about the time when I met the guy I love most and every time I had with him. What is in this poem is what I experienced when I first met him and every time I was with him. Though I do not experience these feelings now, I still do love this guy, not the same way I used to, but it is still a form of love.

My Heart

© Yesenia Gomez
Why did you do this?
You did this to me.
You stole my heart,
can't you see?

From the first time I saw you,
the first time you smiled.
The way you lit up the room,
my heart went wild.

When you look at me,
my heart skips a beat.
I become speechless,
when our eyes meet.

You took my heart,
you take my breath.
So now I will love you,
until my death.


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Published: May 2011
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