Rape Poem

My Brother Raped Me

I wrote this poem after my brother raped me. I know it's not great but it's what I wanted to say

Because Of You

© Lozza
I hate you for what you've done to me
My life is in pieces can't you see
you might have forgotten
but I never will
because of you I want to kill
no I don't want to kill you
I want to kill me
Cuz I can't live with what
you made me be

you made me your whore
now I can't live any more
you were my bro
you were meant to protect me
not make me your ho

I tried to leave this world
leave it all behind
but someone found me
in the nick of time

so now they think I'm crazy
and maybe I am
but always remember
I will never call you friend
because of you I can never mend


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Published: Aug 2011
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