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1 year, 4 months, and 7 days ago, My 9 year old brother passed away. He had asthma really bad, the doctor put him on medication, and it was too strong, and his lungs filled up with mucus, he couldn't breathe.. His name was Tai. He was my best friend, there was nothing that could separate us. We were together everyday, everynight. We did everything together.

My Brother, My Best Friend.

© Brandi Strobel
I feel so alone,
and so empty.
You were my best friend,
my baby brother.
I feel so guilty,
I should of listened to you.
I have wished upon a million stars,
but not one of them has brought you back.
I wanna believe it's all a dream,
but its not.
It's reality,
this is the way it's going to stay.
If only I we could be together again,
like we used too.
We were together everyday,
no matter what.
I stuck up for you,
and you stuck up for me.
I was always right by your side,
nothing could break what we had.
No one will ever understand how I feel,
nobody will ever feel my pain.
I have to wake up every morning,
knowing I could of helped you.
The days are tough,
everyday after school I would chill with you.
Now, I just come home everyday,
sit, think, and feel the guilt.
Someday we will be together again.
I Miss You Baby Boy


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Published: May 2011
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  1. Candace Submitted on Saturday, May 19, 2012

    My little brother passed in June of 2011 he was 22 years old and his name was Colby. He drowned in a lake. The current held him under water as he struggled to get passed. I miss him so much!

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