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Poem About What A Friend Does

I wrote this about my best friend Sophie because without her, I would be nothing :) we are like two peas in a pod, and she has been there for me for 5 whole years, and I just wanted to thank her for that (:

My Best Friend :)

© Elende Wharton
She's my best friend
Till the very end.
She makes me smile,
All the while.
When she goes away,
I miss her every day.
She cheers me up when I have a frown,
And turns that frown upside down.
She's always the one who knows what to say.
I promise you I'm here to stay.
We have so many memories
That are going to stay with me.
We've had so much fun,
And more to come,
You're my one and only trophy,
That's about my best friend Sophie :)


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Published: Jul 2010
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