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Hi my name is Brittany Renee. I wrote this poem 2 years ago when I had just turned 13 and was in 7th grade. My mother has never read it for I always chickened out of giving it to her. I'd like to thank you for reading my poem and I hope you enjoy it

My Angel Dear

© Brittany Renee Parsons
My mother is my Angel
Of that I know for sure.

Through her seldom smiles
That last for miles
to the tears she never cries.

My mother is my Angel
And I am by her side

From "Wake up" in the morning
To "I love you" late at night
I've found my secret Haven
in Angel's words just like starlight

Angel always seems to listen
Even when I think she's not

I've learned to be forgiving
I've learned to follow dreams
I've learned so much from Angel
I've never fully seen

I've always quite admired
Angel for her strength
But mostly for her loving words
that get me through the day

My Mother
My Angel dear
Don't ever leave me
My own life to steer


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Published: May 2011
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2 Stories on "My Angel Dear"
  1. Michelle, QLD Submitted on Thursday, November 01, 2012

    Well, this story has touched me because it describes exactly how I feel about my mother and helped me word it to her and create an open relationship.
    Thank you soo much and keep up the great poems.

  2. Hannah, Virginia Submitted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    I seen this poem and it helped me feel good and get the courage to go and tell my mom when she waves as I leave for school it warms my heart. As she tells me good night. Thank you.

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