Music Poem

Music...the feeling you could get

Music Of My Life

© Kacey Storm
The music takes my soul
Takes it through the wind, and around the autumn trees
As the earth turns slowly
Each song, makes me wonder what really goes on while I'm asleep.
As a disco ball shines through my dreams.
I wish I was awake, as the music plays.
And wished instead of school, I'd get to party and dance all day.
As one song makes you move, and happy
The other makes you cry, and sappy.
Each song with its own act,
Life reacts back.
As each tune, makes you
the way you are
That's why I'm kind of bizarre.
It's hard to believe your song,
is more than just a song
Or a bell is more than a bell.
And a voice, could be as bad as hell
You could lose your soul
Regain it again, each feeling fills you full
As each tune tells you what to do.
Nothing is better than the feeling of the music's 'tude.


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Published: Mar 2011
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