Missing You Poem

This poem is about when I would leave my girlfriend to go to Ohio for the summer to visit my grandparents. I was laying outside one night when this poem hit me and I had to right it down. It has been sitting in a folder for about a year now and I felt that I needed to share it. My name is Alec Toy, I'm 17 and I love to write poetry.

Missing Her

© Alec Toy
As I lay beneath this sky tonight
I look at these stars all so bright.
I think of all the great times we've had.
I've realized there's so many more to be and I'm glad.
Although I sleep without her in my arms,
In my dreams she knows no harm.
She smiles and I do the same.
With love in our eyes, this love can't be tamed.
We kiss softly and close our eyes.
Then I feel the urge to cry,
Tears of sadness and tears of joy.
And I wonder "Why am I Love's Toy?"
My heart screams for her when I'm gone,
And I want to hear our song
Over and over again,
Even after the light grows dim.
For when I hear it, I come home,
Back to my own little throne,
Which is weathered and beaten
With all its fruits that are reaped.


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Published: Nov 2012
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1 Stories on "Missing Her"
  1. Aerial Benavidez Submitted on Friday, May 03, 2013

    I was with a boy I loved. I loved him so much. He moved to a different school. I cried when he moved I cried myself to sleep it hurt so much. I was 14 when he moved, now I am 16. I tried to move on but it's so hard too, it hurts so bad to see him gone )' =

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