Confused about Love Poem

Loving Someone Else

My boyfriend went away and I developed feelings for somebody else. I just wanted to write this down to explain how I feel.


© Isabella
How long am I going to sit here,
and just keep writing down
all the feelings that I'm bottling up.
I feel like I'm going to drown.

Only the close ones know
of the pain I'm going through.
Thank God for all their help,
but why am I still blue?

During my days,
I still laugh and scream,
but it's been different
since that one emotional dream.

When I sit here and cry,
I think of the reasons.
Why is my heart changing,
slowly like the seasons.

One day I'll look back at this,
and laugh at my mistake.
It's gonna seem so stupid,
how my smile had to be fake.

I think of how young I am,
and my choices are incorrect,
but nobody is perfect,
at least we have that one checked.

It gets too much sometimes,
and I know its hard to handle
but when I walk out the door,
my flame burns strong like a candle.

Did you know though,
that candles one day will burn out,
melt into pieces,
and be messed all about.

That's like me right now.
I've started to burn.
I'm beginning to break,
and hell I'm making one big mistake.

I actually don't know,
if it's a mistake that I'm making.
But at the end of the day,
it's my heart that's breaking.


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Published: Nov 2011
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1 Stories on "Bottled"
  1. Yingisani, South Africa Limpopo Submitted on Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    I love this poem because I feel that way as my boyfriend is far away from me. I feel like falling in love with anther guy.

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