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I've had quite a rough life, my father never here, my mother always working. I turned to drugs and felt good. But then, I moved across the state by my aunt with my mom, to get away and start over. I stopped the drugs and turned to god. The poem pretty much describes it.

Life Changing Experiences

© Cassandra
You always see me smiling,
But on the inside I'm really crying.
Nobody knows me,
Nobody understands me.
I've never had anybody to talk to.
My dad was never here,
My mom was always working,
None of my friends wanted to talk about feelings,
Then I turned to drugs,
I felt like they were the only thing that would understand me.
They took over my life.
Every day, all day, before school, even during school, and after school.
I said goodbye to my family and old friends.
I had no more feelings,
I just didn't care anymore.
Everything seemed so great, only because I was hiding my feelings behind the drugs. They controlled everything, my feelings, thoughts, and body.
It was the scariest thing ever, I just didn't know what to do.
Then I moved away from my family and so called friends.
I finally sobered up.
It was the best feeling ever.
I turned to the best person ever, Jesus.
I stopped living life for myself & started living for him.
Ever since I've made that choice I've rose to the top.
I can face my feelings and I'm a stronger person,
I'm not afraid anymore.
My family finally loves me and is here for me again.
I love this feeling,
I love the new me.


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Published: Feb 2012
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