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Letter To My Parents

Wrote this when freshman of high school going through a lot with my parents. They weren't really supportive at this time in my life, this is all my real feelings so please be nice. Thanks for reading (:

To My Parents

© Elizabeth Virgen
I just wanna know
If you're proud of me
I want you to see
What's inside me
What I hold inside
All the pain I go through
And You don't have a clue
Of what I do
You think I'm okay
But underneath this smile
Is a girl calling for help
You tell me you care
But I can't bare
To believe you
I just want to leave
Almost as if I don't exist
I'm a ghost
Without a reflection
I try my best
But you seem to over look that
I know you work hard but you only want to rest
I just want some time
To spend with you, but you seem as you don't give a dime
You tell me so many lies
That the truth dies
I know I'm your only hope
But I need time to cope
I want you to support me
When I'm in need
As days pass
Nothing seem to change
When I don't see you
I tend to cry
And pray to the lord
That you are alright
At times I believe
I have no family
Wondering why
If we didn't fight
Yell and bicker
How my life would be like
But just tell one another
How much we care
You say you do
But really to who?
I know you struggle
I wish I could take that away
Maybe one day
We can make something out of this
As long as we have one another
There is no one
Alive that could take my mother and father's place


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Published: Mar 2013
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1 Stories on "To My Parents"
  1. Kristene Cavan Submitted on Saturday, July 05, 2014

    I'm just a simple girl with great dreams. I often cry because everybody doesn't understand me. My friends, classmate, schoolmates, best friends and not even my family. I always show my sweet smile into everybody but that sweet smiles fades when I am not facing them and tears started to replace and fall. I am just hoping that someday that I could find someone who can understand me and accept me and love me no matter what.

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