Confused about Love Poem

Left So Confused

I was put in a situation where I fell in love with someone that I knew was going to be a challenge to be with. we were together for a little while but things started tearing us apart and now we are left so confused going back and forth not knowing what do. I wrote this poem based on the situation I'm facing in life.

Here We Stand

© Jessica
Here we stand all over again
With our feelings all around
Not knowing where to go
Not even knowing how

We tried to be friends
Each and everyday
But when we touch
It seems there's no way

We're left so confused
Wanting one another
Knowing it can't happen
When we're moving closer

I find it very hard
To express how I feel
Waiting for things to sink in
That doesn't yet seem real

If only I really knew
How much you cared
The fear of you leaving
The fear that leaves me scared

I love you more and more
Through the good times and the bad
Not able to show you
Just leaves me tangled and mad

We can't keep changing
The feelings that we have
You and me together
Or split in separate halves


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Published: Feb 2011
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2 Stories on "Here We Stand"
  1. Adriana, California Submitted on Saturday, February 12, 2011

    this made me cry. I can sympathize. I know what you mean... my boyfriend is leaving for tour and is going and we broke up but still love each other and it's confusing...
    I'm sorry!

  2. Sara, Arkansas Submitted on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    I'm only 11, yes everyone thinks I'm too young to fall in love but anyways my ex-boyfriend well I assume he's confused because I asked if he liked me still he said I don't and I asked if we could go back out but he said I don't and so therefore I'm confused on what to do to win him back. So in ways I feel your pain because I have never ever in my whole life ever felt the way I do about my ex ;......(

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