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Currently in a relationship with someone I truly like. Not that she has given me a reason not to, but I don't really trust people and I know right now she says she understands, but what will happen later??


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trusting someone,
it's like walking with your eyes closed,
trusting no one
is a sure way to lose those you hold close.
finding the right path,
it's harder than one thinks,
you want to trust,
but don't want to blink.
how does one know for sure,
when nothing seems pure.
to trust you,
it means to crush my walls,
to lose you,
means I lose my all.
going against instinct,
not protecting myself,
all to love someone,
I lose my walls for help.
if I must choose,
I choose you.
now I wonder.....
was it the right thing to do??


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Published: Sep 2011
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