Alone Poem

We all have demons we battle daily. We all have things that cause pain. Let all keep fighting those demons. You're stronger than you think and please comment.


© Tori Stewart
You don't know and I'll never tell,
If you look at me you'd never know what's really inside,
I may laugh and smile,
And you'll think I'm OK

I may act sunny and bright,
But really I'm dying inside,
I'm sinking slowly into a deep dark trench,
I wish begging for someone would show me the sun

To help me battle this thing inside me,
My demon,
My curse,
This thing inside me

All I want is someone to understand,
Someone else with my pain,
Someone with my curse,
So I don't feel so alone

I crave to have someone who know what it's like,
Someone who has my demon,
Someone who can fight with me.


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Published: Feb 2012
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3 Stories on "Demon"
  1. Jerrika, Wa Submitted on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

    I let the demon come inside and take my life over too, where all I could see is darkness and a wall of fire. Some times it may feel as if you can only lay there , and watch...and if it gets to bad, may even enjoy it sometimes..the pain. But I soon turned the demon down and told him to leave...called for god...and when that didn't work. I cried for help, cried n cried...all you can do is TRY to think positive and know god/whoever you believe in would not put us through something we cannot handle, fight the demon off. I know you can. I did.

  2. Kristen Denio Submitted on Thursday, March 01, 2012

    I have many demons and I will tell you it is very hard to get over them. I myself have conquered only a few of mine. Just stay strong and you will make it through. I do at times.

  3. Kyliiee Molineaux, Australia Submitted on Saturday, April 28, 2012

    This pretty much sums up my life, I sometimes (always) I'm almost 14 and I feel like nobody has the same problems as me when actually soooo many people do! But yeah anyways you're really good at writing so don't stop! :)

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