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Teen Miscarriage Poem

I'm 15 years old a freshman in high school. In April I should be having a baby girl with my ex-boyfriend after me and him hooked up over the summer. But 5 1/2 months in I miscarried. And this poem is to my daughter.

It All Started With A Hook Up...

© Mikaela
It started with a hook up.
And than the plus sign appeared.
Your daddy told me to take care of it.
I did as he told.
I went to get you aborted but I couldn't.
I left crying into my best friends arms.
You were still inside of me.
I knew what I was going to do.
I was going to raise you on my own.
He asked me if I did it.
I said yes and left it at that.
3 months later my parents still didn't know.
I went for a check up.
And I saw you.
I couldn't believe you were mine.
I was so happy that I finally made a good decision.
5 months now and people were starting rumors.
I just told them I was gaining weight.
They believed me and dropped the topic.
Another check up came by.
The doctor said you were a healthy baby girl.
I knew I had to tell my parents soon.
I wasn't going to be able to hide it anymore.
It was 5 months now.
I was at a friend's house and I passed out bleeding.
I was rushed to the doctors.
They came in and told me it was normal.
It was normal for teenagers to loose babies.
I told them it couldn't be true.
I told them to run the test again.
And they told me there is nothing they can do.
I sat there and cried.
My parents don't know.
And nether does your daddy.
Very few people do and they all miss you just as much as I do.
You would have been born in a month and a half.
I miss you so much.
There is not a day I don't go by with out thinking of you.
I wish you were in my arms and not in heaven.
Maybe if I just told the truth.
Was I being punished?
But why did you take the punishment?
I miss you my baby girl.
But don't worry we will meet again.
And until than just remember I love you.


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Published: Mar 2012
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  1. Sarah, Mryland Submitted on Monday, January 27, 2014

    I am currently an 9th grader. My baby daddy is a black boy and he's my step-daddy. This is how it happened. One day I was sitting on the couch watching TV, I could tell something was about to happen because he was already drunk and kept giving me looks. He started to undo his pants so I tried to run. He grabbed me by my shirt and threw me on the floor, I screamed for help but he hit me so hard in my mouth I couldn't speak. I was crying so hard wishing somebody would just bust through the door. When it was all over I went to my room and waited till he fell asleep. I realized my mom still wasn't home, so I grabbed his phone and ran out the door. He is now locked up and they found my mom drowned in a lake. I live with my aunt and uncle and I now have a baby named David Marcel. Thanks for reading my story.

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