Cancer Poem

Inspirational Poem For Fighting Cancer

Recently I did Race for Life, I have done it a few times but this year it meant a lot more to me because my Grandma had found a lump and we thought it might be cancer. I wrote this poem the night I found out about it- fortunately my Grandma had the lump removed and all is okay now but it could have been a lot worse.


© Jessica Louise Wheeler
One day you showed up,
With no reason why,
You claimed your victims,
You've made grown men cry.

I'm warning you now,
That we're all fighting back,
One day we will stop,
Your unprovoked attacks.

You've proven your point,
You make me sick to the core,
You've left so many waiting,
Outside of death's door.

Enough is enough,
You can't ruin lives forever,
You've torn apart families,
That were happy together,

Nobody knows,
Why you're even here,
You're not wanted, you're hated,
You take those that are dear.

There's no explanation,
But I want an answer,
I know what you are,
you're that murderous coward they call cancer.

You've got nowhere to run,
And nowhere to hide,
We are coming to get you,
So say your final goodbyes!


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Published: 12/3/2013
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