I'm Sorry Poem

In Love With My Best Friend Poem

This is a poem I wrote when I realized I was in love with my best friend. We had a fight and I wrote this poem.

All For Her

© Renee
How do you know it's over,
when your heart can't take anymore?
How do you know when they don't care,
and just walk out the door?
What if she acts like nothing ever happened,
like the friendship never was?
What if she looks right through me,
and ignores me just because....?
How can you just deny the feelings,
the ones you've had for so long?
How can you fix everything,
because everythings all wrong?
What words can be said,
what else can I say?
What words can I whisper,
to get you to stay?
How should I act,
when you've just turned your back on me?
How should I act,
to get you to turn back and see?
What can I do,
what will get through to you?
What can I do,
so I can act like I can't feel too?
But I guess the silence is enough for
A million words, actions, and mistakes.


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Published: Apr 2010
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5 Stories on "All For Her"
  1. Tessa Submitted on Friday, February 11, 2011

    Wow you are really good I like this poem a lot, you wrote it from the heart with true feelings.

  2. Miranda M. Submitted on Sunday, March 27, 2011

    I really do know how you feel, a month ago I had a fight with my best friend which I'm in love with and we haven't talked ever since......I REALLY like your poem, though!!!!!!!

  3. Kiana Marie Submitted on Friday, April 06, 2012

    I love this poem. I've been in love with my best friend for a year and a half but right before I moved 4 months ago we got in a fight and he hasn't talked to me since.

  4. Renee, WV Submitted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    Thank you all. I have many more poems just haven't published them yet.

  5. Kiera , Olive Branch Submitted on Sunday, September 29, 2013

    I don't know How to say this but I'm really hurting because I betrayed my bestfriend! He did every and anything for me! He loved me for me! Trusted me called me for advice! But just one time I didn't tell him something everything blows up in my face! I didn't know if I was right or Wrong about the situation! I rather have facts about things before going accusing people for something they may or may not of done! I'm sorry didn't mean to hurt you! I promise! Please don't hurt me by throwing away 5 years of friendship I'M SO SORRY!!!

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