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Poem About Being the Real Me

I'm Going To Explode

© Kim
I'm going to explode,
If I stay here any longer.
I'm going to explode,
Cause I'm under so much pressure.
I'm going to explode,
Cause I can't even cry.
I'm going to explode,
Cause God I want to die.
I'm going to explode,
Cause I can't ever smile.
I'm going to explode,
Cause I want something worth while.
I'm going to explode,
Cause I know I'll never be free.
I'm going to explode,
Cause I can't be the real me.


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Published: Jan 2009
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2 Stories on "I'm Going To Explode"
  1. Oddgirl Submitted on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    I feel the exact same way, I keep all of my grief and sadness inside of my heart, I'm ashamed to cry and can't possibly smile, everyone is pushing me too hard, they can't feel or understand my feelings, I cry at the middle of the night praying for God to take my life, my loneliness and misery are killing me and yet they can't feel it.

  2. Kiana Marie Submitted on Friday, April 06, 2012

    I love this poem. I'm only 12 but I've lived a very rough life and was forced to grow up. My dad went to prison on my 6th birthday for stabbing someone. He got out a year ago but he's still a bad alcoholic. I'm failing school and have been cutting for a year now. I do feel like if I don't escape somehow I'm going to explode. It's just too much to take. My dad's always comparing me to him and his stupid mistakes. I try sooo hard to make my parents happy but they don't notice and probably wouldn't care any ways. I'm being pushed way too hard. And there's no one to tell that will listen or care so I keep it all inside and I think I might explode....

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