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Hello my name is Amber O'Rear and I am 17 will be 18 in March the 7th of 2010. All of my life I have written poetry, mainly about love. I have submitted my work on many websites and under the name of pajama girl or my real name. you may find me under either. I got the nickname pajama girl because I always wear pajamas. In fact I am wearing them right this moment lol. And I hope that you will find that you really like this poem and maybe you will like the rest of my poetry as well. Thank you very much enjoy!

If You Love Someone

© Amber O'Rear
They say when love finds you
You automatically know it's real
In could happen in weeks or years
But how can you be sure

They say you get butterflies
And your toes start to tingle
And you lose all control of your body
But that could be symptoms of anything

They say your heart begins to race
And your breath leaves you
And everything you knew
Somehow leaves you clueless

Maybe it's a look
Maybe it's a touch
Maybe it's when you say "I love you"
That drives me up a wall

They say if you love someone
And they love you too
Then you'll wait for one another
But how long must I wait

Love is like a photograph
Take the picture
And hold onto it
There's no guarantee it will always be there

I'm not the type to get involved
I'm not the type to get upset and cry
But when you hold me in your arms
I lose all sense of control

You're like a leaf in the wind
Here today
And gone tomorrow
Where did the time go?

Remember the summers we had
Laying in the grass under the sun
Telling stupid silly jokes
Do you still remember?

Remember how I said I love you
And you said it too
Well I meant every word of it
But did you mean it

I put all my heart and strength
Out on the line
Now it's your turn
Prove to me you really care

Be the man that I fell in love with
Beautiful brown eyes
Dark skin and a great smile
Oh how I love for you to be you

People always told me
"That boy's bad news, get over him"
Somehow I think they are jealous
They'll never be as great as you

They say when love finds you
You automatically know it's real
In could happen in weeks or years
But how can you be sure?

Well now I know
You get butterflies
Your toes start to tingle
You lose all control of your body

Your heart begins to race
Your breath is taken from you
Everything you thought you knew leaves you clueless
He's the first and last thing on your mind

Every little thing he does wrong
Drives you insane
When he loses his cool
It's kind of cute to you

And no matter what they might say
Your love stays strong and true
And you prove them all wrong
You'll love him 'til the end


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Published: Jul 2010
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  1. Lataunya Wilson , Brockton, MA Submitted on Thursday, December 19, 2013

    Hi :) my name is Lataunya , I'm from Brockton MA . Growing up I really didn't have much and my poems were all I had to call my own . Every time I'd have an idea for a poem or an actual poem in my head , I would grab whatever was near me and write it down . The same thing goes for inspiration , whenever I got it, I would write it down . I just hope people will love to read my poetry as much as I love to write them :)

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