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Funny Poem About Writing A Fantastic Poem

My name is Matt and I am a Canadian grade 10 student who just sat down one day and decided to write a poem about writing a poem.

If I Were To Write A Poem

© Matt Bremner
If I were to write a poem,
It would be a fantastic piece of art,
Many people would read it and be so inspired by my work,
They would want to sit down and try to write their own.

If I were to write a poem,
It would have all the fundamentals of a masterpiece,
A beginning, middle, and end, but of course with a great climax as well.

If I were to write a poem,
Terms like marvellous, exquisite or profound would be used to describe it,
No one is really sure why it is so good, but who knows why people like the things they do.

If I were to write a poem,
I would be rich and wealthy because of the Nobel Prize that I would receive due to its greatness.
Einstein would be proud of me.

If I were to write a poem,
The geese would fly north for the winter just because my poem told them to,
Cows would climb trees,
Cats would chase dogs only because my poem said that.

If I were to write a poem,
The Queen of England would bow down to its greatness,
And because this poem is so good,
My teacher would give me an A+.


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Published: Jul 2010
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1 Stories on "If I Were To Write A Poem"
  1. Serena, Canada Submitted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

    Hi, my name is Serena, I am a grade 10 student who was told by my teacher that I had to memorize and recite a humorous poem of 200-300 words. I personally hate comedy so this was a tall order for me, but I have decided to choose this poem just because it's one of the only ones I have read after an hour of looking, that has been able to put a smile on my face. So thank you for writing this poem ;D

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